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Becoming a driving instructor

Basic training information

Providing you have held your licence for more than 3 years, have less than 6 points on it and are over 21 then you can train to be a driving instructor. At iLearn we do not train people who want to become driving instructors ourselves. Rather we have partnered with an extremely experienced driving instructor trainer who also provides the majority of our instructors training for their check tests.

The process of starting your training is relatively straightforward. The training itself is split into 3 distinct parts:

  1. An extended Theory Test (Part 1)
  2. An extended Driving Test (Part 2)
  3. A test of Instructional Ability (Part 3)

Do iLearn recruit PDI's?

Normally iLearn doesn't recruit PDI's. However we now have a registered ORDIT trainer working in partnership with us who is able to assist PDI's with their training and assess potential candidates. If this is something you would be interested in then please contact us to discuss the options available.

Does iLearn recruit ADI's?

We are always keen to speak to ADI's who we feel would add to our school and services. Whereas we don't operate large numbers of driving instructors we feel that we can offer good opportunities to the right people in the right areas. Call us on 03331232899 to discuss any potential positions available.

Driving lessons prices start from £29 per hour* and we have a special offer starting at £29 per hour (1st 3 hours pay as you go). Blocks of driving lessons are available as 5, 10 and 20 hour blocks.

How does iLearn operate?

Like many driving schools iLearn operates on a franchise basis. The instructors are not employed by the school, rather they agree to abide by certain principles that iLearn uses for all of its driving instructors (such as no piggy backing of pupils, quoted lesson rates, length of lessons, etc). Instructors run their own diaries and are encouraged to keep iLearn informed of their availability.

There is a part time or full time franchise. There is a fixed franchise fee throughout the year and work is distributed based on instructor feedback. We only recruit where there is an identified need. iLearn offer a certain amount of time franchise free per year (referred to as holiday) for instructors based on the length of time they have been with the school.

To contact us for more information please click here or call 03331232899