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Intensive and Crash Courses

When time is important

Intensive driving courses (or crash courses as they are sometimes known) can offer a fast way to learn how to drive. iLearn offer intensive driving for manual and automatic driving lessons*. When considering whether an intensive course is the right option you should consider the following:

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Time might not be as critical as you think. Quite often people realise that their theory test is running out and want to try and get a practical driving test in before it expires. Arranging a large amount of driving lessons in a short period of time is easy but getting a practical test date, especially during peak times of the year, is not.

Before taking driving lessons you must have a valid driving licence. Please refer to the DVLA website for more details and to check.

Deciding whether you need manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons can change the availability too. Automatic driving lessons are generally harder to get in the same kind of bulk options as manual driving lessons.

How much (if any) driving experience do you have and how long ago was it? Intensive driving courses may not be the right answer if you have had no driving experience previously as there is nothing for the driving instructor to assess to see how long you would need.

Having considered all of this if you still feel an intensive course is the right option then we can certainly help.

How does it work?

Normally we would arrange an assessment driving lesson ahead of any firm price being given for the course. Usually this lessons is 1.5 hours long and would consist of the driving instructor looking at all aspects of your driving and how quickly you pick up the teaching. At the end of this driving lesson the instructor will give you an estimate of the number of hours you will need to achieve practical test standard.

Once this has been completed we would give you the price for the course. We offer 3 basic types of package:

Normally a deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to secure the booking with the other 50% being paid just before the course is due to start.

Please note that once a course is secured and the instructor has arranged the driving lessons a cancellation fee will apply should you wish to cancel the course.

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