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Manual driving lessons

Why take manual lessons?

Manual driving lessons are the most common way of learning to drive in the UK. Manual cars are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and more commonly used than automatic cars. Certainly for a first time learner driver this would be the recommended starting point for learning to drive. Here there is some information to help young drivers.

Driving lessons prices start from £29 per hour* and we have a special offer starting at £29 per hour (1st 3 hours pay as you go). Blocks of lessons are available as 5, 10 and 15 hour blocks.

If you are looking at more information about automatic driving lessons then please follow the link.

Before taking manual driving lessons you must have a valid driving licence. Please refer to the DVLA website for more details and to check.

To contact us to arrange a manual driving lesson then please use our contact form or call 03331232899

For many young drivers manual cars and driving lessons will be their first exposure to learning to drive. Whenever possible we would recommend starting in a manual car as it will teach many of the basic techniques needed regardless of whichever you choose later.

A manual car licence offers flexibility that someone with only an automatic licence does not have. They can drive both types of car without having to sit another test.

Lesson prices in a manual car are cheaper than in an automatic car and the availability of manual cars means getting a driving lesson in your local area is always more likely.

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*Prices quoted are for manual driving lessons. Automatic prices can be found on our driving lessons price list