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Motorway driving lessons

Learning on the major roads

The one type of road system that is currently not covered in the practical driving test is the motorway. For anyone living in and around the London area motorways provide an important link up part of the road network and whilst you can travel many places without using motorways it is a slower and longer driving experience.

To contact us to arrange a motorway driving lesson then please use our contact form or call 03331232899

Motorway tuition prices start from £29 per hour*

The Pass Plus course normally includes Motorways and trunk ("A") roads as part of the modules. However Pass Plus may not always be practical or affordable. With motorway driving lessons you get the experience of driving along with the additional saftey of having a qualified driving instructor sitting along side you.

Please remember that you must have a full valid driving licence for the car you are using (manual or automatic) in order to take motorway lessons. They are not available to provisional driving licence holders.

You may be able to use your own car for the motorway driving lessons. This is something that can be discussed with the driving instructor when you first talk to them.

This is available for both manual and automatic driving lessons. Please call the office for more details.

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*Prices quoted are for manual driving lessons. Automatic prices can be found on our driving lessons price list