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Pass Plus Course

A gateway to safer driving

The Pass Plus course is a DSA-led initiative that is designed to help drivers who have recently passed their driving test with some of the more advanced types of driving situations than they may have experience previously. It tends to be aimed more in the direction of younger drivers.

Certainly newly passed drivers can benefit from this course with exposure to driving situations such as bad weather driving, fast roads and motorway driving, night driving etc. Where it can really benefit new young drivers is in the potential insurance reductions that can be made through various incentives they offer.

Previously the Pass Plus course has only been made available to drivers who passed their test within 1 year but now these restrictions no longer apply and anyone can take it.

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The Pass Plus Modules

The Pass Plus course itself is split into 6 modules.

The DSA guidelines state: "Pass Plus training takes at least 6 hours." (see this link for more details).

As mentioned above the aim of Pass Plus is that the course covers areas that may only have been touched on during normal lessons and gives a newly passed driver a chance to be exposed to situations and develop skills in new areas. Some insurance companies offer discounts off the premiums for a completed Pass Plus course whih of course is a huge benefit for young drivers.

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