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About the Theory Test

Generally if you are looking to book a practical driving test you will need to pass a theory test. The theory test itself is split into two distinct parts:

  1. Questions based on the Highway Code
  2. A video section on Hazard Perception

Practice and preparation are key to this but particularly for the questions section.

Driving lessons prices start from £29 per hour* and we have a special offer starting at £29 per hour (1st 3 hours pay as you go). Blocks of driving lessons are available as 5,10 and 20 hour blocks.

Contact us for more information or to book an automatic driving lesson then please click here or call 03331232899

Driving lessons in an automatic car cost slightly more than in manual however fewer lessons should be needed to gain practical driving test standard. This tends to be because automatic cars are not as fuel efficient and are generally more expensive to buy than their manual car equivalents.

Before commencing driving lessons you must have a valid driving licence. Please refer to the DVLA website for more details and to check.

However should you choose to take an automatic driving test and pass then you would need to take a manual driving test at a later point if you want to be able to drive both types of car. You wouldn't need to take another theory test though.

There are fewer automatic driving instructors than manual driving instructors so it is always worth checking with our office to see which areas have automatic driving lesson coverage and availability.

For people with certain disabilities, restricted or impared movement and similar problems automatic cars offer a more worry-free path to being able to learn to drive. We have experience of teaching people with dyspraxia, ADHD and autism.

For more information about the prices of our automatic driving lessons then please take a look at our price list

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*Prices quoted are for automatic driving lessons. Manual driving lesson prices can be found on our driving lessons price list