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Young driver information

Before you pass your test

Taking lessons is only part of what you need to think about. Insurance for any new drivers but particularly those in the 17 - 24 year old age range can be very expensive plus there is the expense of buying and then owning a car. What we present here is some information and links to service that may be of some use. Please note that we are not endorsing any of the companies linked here and that they are provided for information and comparison purposes only.

Driving lessons prices start from £29 per hour* and we have a special offer starting at £29 per hour (1st 3 hours pay as you go). Blocks of lessons are available as 5, 10 and 20 hour blocks.

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Top 10 tips for young drivers

  1. Private practice only takes you so far! Regular driving lessons with your driving instructor will work out cheaper overall.
  2. Consider taking a Pass Plus course once you have passed your test. Some insurers offer a generous discount for Pass Plus.
  3. Look around at new car deals if you can afford it. Some dealers offer either cheap or free insurance depending on their terms and conditions and it may be a way of getting a few thousand off the insurance bill over the time you have the car.
  4. Some companies now do an "insure the box" scheme where a device is placed in the car and an agreed mileage and certain times for using the car are agreed. This can help cut the costs of the insurance.
  5. Companies such as Young Marmalade offer insurance and car packages specifically tailored to young drivers. The cars are generally good choices for new drivers.
  6. Some insurers offer discounts for multiple cars in a household. Each drivers earns a no claims discount. However it can push up premiums for the other drivers in the house.
  7. You can be a named driver on either a partners or parents main policy. This may not earn you a no claims discount (check with their insurer first) and could well push the premiums higher.
  8. Don't think that buying a cheap car will means cheap insurance. All insurance is assessed on risk and your age, postcode, the insurance group of the car and other factors will determine the overall premium. Wise Buyers can show you the insurance group of the car as well as an average estimated value.
  9. Shop around once you have a quotation for a premium as many companies will aim to at least match the quote and in some cases beat it. You may not get a cheaper premium but you may get additional features from another company (such as a courtesy car or breakdown cover) that will save you money should something happen.
  10. Modifying your car will cost you cash! Insurers like to know if you have anything on the car that wasn't "standard" and it will drive the cost up if you do so think carefully and check before adding anything to your car.

The temptation is to try and cut corners as you can be worried that the costs are going to mount up. Generally speaking if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. As you take driving lessons then ask your driving instructor questions. They may not always know the answer straight away but they can point you in the right direction.

For parents of young drivers we offer small training courses that will help them to give the right information to their children as they are taking lessons to help reinforce the skills being taught by the driving instructor. Remember the driving test has changed a lot over the last 5 years, certainly a lot over the last 10 - 20 years!

One of the more common questions we hear is about how long it is taking to learn. The recommendation is for around 45 hours of driving lessons and around 20 hours of private practice. It is important that they are taught by a DSA approved instructor.

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*Prices quoted are for manual driving lessons. Automatic prices can be found on our driving lessons price list